Walk around the vicinity of the villa

Excursion n°1 - An introduction to life on Bali



Promenade dans les rizières

This is a leisurely stroll allowing you to discover the island’s irrigation system, its communal organisation and its sacred essence. A member of the villa staff will accompany you. Sacred water goes down the volcanic slopes, passing the temple of waters, thanks to irrigation dams, canals, and even small canalisations to reach the rice-paddies.


Apart from the major water temples situated in the volcanic craters (the goddess of sacred waters lives in the lake of Mount Batur), there are also temples dedicated to the goddess of rice, Sri. You will gradually discover the entire hierarchy of these gods linked to the fertility of the land. The walk will also allow other cultures to be seen: that of the taro, palm-trees for palm sugar, flowers for offerings, water spinach and the indispensable red pepper.


Jeune indyHaving crossed a deep gorge over an ‘Indiana Jones’ style bridge, the route will lead you toward villages for a closer look at Balinese life including its village temples and communal hall. With a bit of luck, you might be invited to a marriage or to the workshop of a wood sculptor.
Balam Bali Villa is financing the construction and the maintenance of two bridges made of bamboo every two years and pays the rights of passage across private properties, thus providing a much-needed aid to the difficult life of the farmers. The bridges connect the old people with their rice fields, where they can be useful to take rid of wild grasses. Old people in Bali work until their last breath. They hate to be only a burden for their families.

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