Our advice before your departure


Our advice for hiking


To make the most of your visit in Bali, you will have to travel light!

Your luggage will preferably be light on your way to Bali, as it will certainly be heavier on your way back home: the temptation of buying souvenirs is great.


There is no dress-code in Bali so you don't have to bother: 3 tee shirts, 2 shorts and 1 swimsuit are enough! In order to visit temples, you will always have to wear a sarong, some kind of pareo. Short pants are comfortable at night and reduce the surface of your skin accessible to mosquitoes.


Nighttime temperature in the uplands of Bali drops to 22-24°C during summer. We recommend you to bring a light sweater if you intend to climb Mount Batur at 4am. A sweater will also prevent you from suffering from the AC while you are in the plane: 30% of our guests have a sore throat because of the AC when they arrive at the villa.


For your feet: the best pair of shoes you can ever bring is actually… a pair of sandals. But they must necessarily be maintained with a strap at the back of your feet (see the illustration below)! Every sportswear brand sells them. They can easily replace sneakers and are well-ventilated. Preferably chose a washable material (we have a water jet), rice-paddies are muddy. Sneakers usely absorb water and are less adapted.


For the accessories: a small back- or shoulder bag will carry your water bottle (bring your own flask if you have one in order not to bring more plastic in Bali), a sarong and your camera. You will also need sunglasses with a very high protection. No need to bring beach towels, all the hotels have some.


In your luggage: first aid kit


For little inconveniences... .Bali's climate is tropical: humidity and heat can provoke many infection problems. The low level of development of the island cannot guarantee the same healthy lifestyle we have in the West. It is thus necessary to be provident and bring some products in order to avoid inconveniences that could spoil your holidays.

  • Intestinal disorders: antidiarrheal medication such as "immodium" (general medicine: loperamide). Don't forget to drink a lot to avoid dehydration.
  • Skin infections: desinfecting spray with chlorhexidine.
  • Mycosis (very frequent because of the heat combined with humidity): ointment (on prescription).
  • Burn, sunburn, blister, irritation: Biafine, high protection sunscreen, moisturizer...
  • Conjunctivitis: eye-sensitive travelers might develop a conjunctivitis. If you are in this case, ask your doctor for his advice before departure.
  • Feverish condition or cold due to the AC in the plane or your room: Humex Rhume or equivalent.
  • Sore throat: Strepsil.
  • Headache: paracetamol (NEVER take aspirin in hot countries because of dengue fever, which can be hemorrhagic).
  • Small injuries: band-aids and compresses.


There are little mosquitoes during summer (cold and dry season in Bali) but we still recommend you to bring an insect repellent (spray, lotion or gel - be careful, these are not recommended for children under 2: have long clothes for evenings and nighttime). It is not always effective but it is still better than nothing: dengue is indeed very present in Bali!


The main danger in Bali is rabies

The main danger in Bali is rabies: many monkeys and dogs are infected. Avoid touching them and don't visit "monkey temples or forests", except Monkey Forest in Ubud.

We recommend you to take out a health and repatriation insurance. Rabies treatment after an infection costs more than 1 .000 $ in Bali! Accidents due to rabies or snake bites are however very rare among tourists. Local pharmacies are well supplied and have many general medicines.

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